Alex forgets the lyrics of “When The Sun Goes Down”

Because I’m French, I didn’t really understand the lyrics, but I thought the song had a western feel to it. To me, Russia is kind of like the new Wild West and I’ve always wanted to shoot there, but it was the most difficult shoot I’ve ever done. There’s a lot of corruption in that country so we had to bribe a few people - including the police who were with us all the time when we were filming. Also the weather was -10ºC and we were filming for 20 hours a day. By the last day, the cold and tiredness made me feel like I was on LSD. Just so everyone knows, there’s no political meaning to the tanks. I just wanted them there because tanks are cool. I usually don’t put bands in their own videos, but Miles and Alex were great.
Romain Gavras, director of The Age of the Understatement video

We are Arctic Monkeys… and you’re not.

Alex Turner about Miles Kane debut album.

Cartography of the Moon’s visible side .

Cartography of the Moon’s visible side .


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